Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday Rundown

Sunday happenings happened, and I think it all turned out pretty good. No mechanicals that I heard of, nobody got clipped by a car or anything, nobody wrecked at high speed (the low-speed starting line chaos being fairly normal). Rumors of someone having an asthma attack on the course... hopefully they had their drugs on hand and are ok now? Yeesh, I hope so. (crossing fingers)

Some highlights first:

John at Food Gatherers sent me this summary this morning...
Total weight: 444 lbs.
8 lbs potatoes
5 turkeys totaling 71 lbs
365 lbs dry goods
$47.61 in cash donations

... that's almost a quarter ton, ya know? We had about 42-44 people at the starting line and 34 finishers. 444lbs ÷ 34 = 13.1 lbs per person on average.

Killer. You all kick ass.

So the prizes went a little like this:
- Brady (Points Competition/Fixie) won the Timbuk2 XLarge messenger bag - courtesy of Ann Arbor Cyclery
- Natalie (most extra lbs. hauled - 18!) won the Camelback and $60 service gift certificate - courtesy of Wheels in Motion
- First Finishers in the MTB, Roadie, Out-of-Towner categories were Adam, Dave, and Kevin, and they each got some variety of a medley of travel mug (courtesy of PFC), coffee beans (courtesy of PFC and Whole Foods), socks or T-shirt (courtesy of Two Wheel Tango), water bottles (courtesy of Wheels in Motion), and a few other things I can't remember right now... sorry if I'm a little hazy - it was kind of a blur at that point.
- Ben finished with the biggest (12 lb) turkey, and I can't remember what I gave him for a prize, but hopefully we did right by him.

Big Thanks to Thomas helping out with all kinds of stuff at the finish line. I didn't realize how many little things I needed a hand with until I imagined how I could have done it without the help. He took a bunch of pictures along the way and they're here for the looking.

Some More Big Thanks to Eric for making up the sweet Cranksgiving soup can spoke cards. I totally spaced on that part of the alleycat. When people just do good stuff like that, well... it's pretty frickin' cool. Another reason to like bike people - things they do just because. (feeling silly for not having helped out - next time let me know so I can help out with the laminating and scissoring, eh?)

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Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Biscodo rocks. Thanks for making it all happen!