Friday, November 9, 2007

Cranksgiving Happenings

Howdy all... If you're here, you've probably heard - Cranksgiving Ann Arbor is happening. An alleycat race to benefit Food Gatherers will be happening the afternoon of Sunday, Nov 18.

It's coming together quickly, and it's only a week and a little bit away, but more details will be posted reallyreally soon. (I promise) The general details:

  • Cranksgiving-style alleycat charity/benefit race.
  • 5-10 checkpoints at grocery stores where you buy a food item ($1-3), keep the receipt, and carry it/them with you on the bike.
  • Prizes (not just for the one fastest person... categories, bonuses, all sorts of stuff so it's fun and rewarding for everyone)
  • At the finish line, drop food at the Food Gatherers van (Thanks John and Missy!), have a bonfire, hang out... let the hijinks, race stories, and trash-talkin' commence.
  • Length: 60-90 minutes of riding, depending on how fast you ride. ;) Within Ann Arbor, but the route will include stores all over the city.
all for now... more details soon.

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