Monday, November 19, 2007


Sorry about the crappy table formatting (scroll down past the big blank space), but here's the race results from Sunday. Hope everyone had a good time.

Something I forgot to do on Sunday was to put out a sheet so if people want to get emails about other such races/events they could leave their email addresses. If you want to email me (address is under the "about me" link), I'll try to pass the word along. It's usually word of mouth and forwarded emails anyway...

Speaking of news and events and such - check out the Ann Arbor Bike Polo MySpace page ... there might just be some news there about related events, along with the polo part of things.

What's bike polo? It's fun. Try it some time. See the page for news/schedule/whatever.

CategoryNameTimeExtraTurkey lbs.Notes


fixed/SSBrady M.0:004
Points competition winner
fixed/SSSean M.0:11

RoadDave W.0:15

First Roadie
MTBAdam S.7:0513
First MTB
fixed/SSWalter G.8:20

fixed/SSKevin B.10:15

First Out of Towner
fixed/SSEric A.12:302

fixed/SSWill B.15:14

fixed/SSAndrea W.16:002

fixed/SSJimmy S.21:0015

RoadKaren P.24:002

RoadMilo B.24:001

RoadGeorgina H.24:456

RoadJessica B.26:40

RoadJason V.26:40107
RoadLana K.29:20

22# turkey @ the start line!
fixed/SSTrey A.31:00

fixed/SSNatalie H.31:0018
Most total food
MTBTed E.33:15(Footnote #1)

MTBAndy E.33:15

fixed/SSNick T.34:15

fixed/SSJimmy R.34:40

fixed/SSAaron A.34:40

Max E.35:00

fixed/SSIgor B.35:05

RoadBen H.36:001712Biggest turkey
RoadJake N.44:00

RoadJess N.44:45

fixed/SSMatt C.47:00
16Skipped a checkpoint, but damn big turkey
fixed/SSScott S.50:00

MTBAlissa S.50:01

MTBTony F.50:02

Roaddidntgetyourname #1

Roaddidntgetyourname #2

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