Monday, November 12, 2007


The prize list isn't complete (oh no, not by a long shot) but I thought I'd throw out as a teaser that we've got swag and prizes generously donated from Kevin at People's Food Coop and Dennis over at Two Wheel Tango so far, and some "we'll be happy to chip in something" committments from other folks - I just need to get emails to them making a formal request.

Still trying to figure out what the mega-prize will be, and which category it'll be for (largest frozen turkey bought, most weight of food bought, ???) but rest assured, while it won't be a 2008 Carbon Record Campagnolo Road Gruppo, it'll still be something nice.

In the meantime, the weather forecast from 6 days out looks like it'll be dry and cool, so be sure to bring gloves (but you can probably leave the fenders at home).

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