Friday, November 16, 2007

the prizes...

Another addition to the prize pool today from Wheels In Motion, and it's looking like a pretty good bunch of stuff that people can win. Special Thanks to the businesses supporting Cranksgiving this year:

Ann Arbor Cyclery
People's Food Co-op
Two Wheel Tango
Wheels in Motion
Whole Foods Market


DrPattiS said...

Wow! Thanks for organizing this! Great job :)

DrPattiS said...

Okay, it's me again :)
It's a looooong story, but I have ended up with two turkeys this Tgiving, both of which are 22 pounds. I would like to donate one to Food Gatherers, and I would like for the turkey to be "part" of the Cranksgiving donation. The catch, of course, is that I don't pick up my donatable (word?) turkey until Tuesday.

So, is it possible to somehow make this turkey part of our Cranksgiving donation pile?

biscodo said...

Well, I'm am definitely certain that Food Gatherers will be happy to receive your turkey donation. They're specifically short on turkey this year, so by all means...

There's really no way to include it in the Cranksgiving "haul" - since you aren't collecting it on the route, it won't make you eligible for the biggest-turkey-collected prize.

As far as adding it to the pile, we're not getting any credit or anything, and Cranksgiving is not affiliated with any nonprofit group or organization. We're just a loosely assembled unarmed mob, giving to a good cause.

DrPattiS said...

Well, I'm sorry that I can't add it to our haul, but I will for sure drop it off at the Food Gatherers.

Thanks--and I will see you all tomorrow!!!