Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunday Rundown

Sunday happenings happened, and I think it all turned out pretty good. No mechanicals that I heard of, nobody got clipped by a car or anything, nobody wrecked at high speed (the low-speed starting line chaos being fairly normal). Rumors of someone having an asthma attack on the course... hopefully they had their drugs on hand and are ok now? Yeesh, I hope so. (crossing fingers)

Some highlights first:

John at Food Gatherers sent me this summary this morning...
Total weight: 444 lbs.
8 lbs potatoes
5 turkeys totaling 71 lbs
365 lbs dry goods
$47.61 in cash donations

... that's almost a quarter ton, ya know? We had about 42-44 people at the starting line and 34 finishers. 444lbs ÷ 34 = 13.1 lbs per person on average.

Killer. You all kick ass.

So the prizes went a little like this:
- Brady (Points Competition/Fixie) won the Timbuk2 XLarge messenger bag - courtesy of Ann Arbor Cyclery
- Natalie (most extra lbs. hauled - 18!) won the Camelback and $60 service gift certificate - courtesy of Wheels in Motion
- First Finishers in the MTB, Roadie, Out-of-Towner categories were Adam, Dave, and Kevin, and they each got some variety of a medley of travel mug (courtesy of PFC), coffee beans (courtesy of PFC and Whole Foods), socks or T-shirt (courtesy of Two Wheel Tango), water bottles (courtesy of Wheels in Motion), and a few other things I can't remember right now... sorry if I'm a little hazy - it was kind of a blur at that point.
- Ben finished with the biggest (12 lb) turkey, and I can't remember what I gave him for a prize, but hopefully we did right by him.

Big Thanks to Thomas helping out with all kinds of stuff at the finish line. I didn't realize how many little things I needed a hand with until I imagined how I could have done it without the help. He took a bunch of pictures along the way and they're here for the looking.

Some More Big Thanks to Eric for making up the sweet Cranksgiving soup can spoke cards. I totally spaced on that part of the alleycat. When people just do good stuff like that, well... it's pretty frickin' cool. Another reason to like bike people - things they do just because. (feeling silly for not having helped out - next time let me know so I can help out with the laminating and scissoring, eh?)


Sorry about the crappy table formatting (scroll down past the big blank space), but here's the race results from Sunday. Hope everyone had a good time.

Something I forgot to do on Sunday was to put out a sheet so if people want to get emails about other such races/events they could leave their email addresses. If you want to email me (address is under the "about me" link), I'll try to pass the word along. It's usually word of mouth and forwarded emails anyway...

Speaking of news and events and such - check out the Ann Arbor Bike Polo MySpace page ... there might just be some news there about related events, along with the polo part of things.

What's bike polo? It's fun. Try it some time. See the page for news/schedule/whatever.

CategoryNameTimeExtraTurkey lbs.Notes


fixed/SSBrady M.0:004
Points competition winner
fixed/SSSean M.0:11

RoadDave W.0:15

First Roadie
MTBAdam S.7:0513
First MTB
fixed/SSWalter G.8:20

fixed/SSKevin B.10:15

First Out of Towner
fixed/SSEric A.12:302

fixed/SSWill B.15:14

fixed/SSAndrea W.16:002

fixed/SSJimmy S.21:0015

RoadKaren P.24:002

RoadMilo B.24:001

RoadGeorgina H.24:456

RoadJessica B.26:40

RoadJason V.26:40107
RoadLana K.29:20

22# turkey @ the start line!
fixed/SSTrey A.31:00

fixed/SSNatalie H.31:0018
Most total food
MTBTed E.33:15(Footnote #1)

MTBAndy E.33:15

fixed/SSNick T.34:15

fixed/SSJimmy R.34:40

fixed/SSAaron A.34:40

Max E.35:00

fixed/SSIgor B.35:05

RoadBen H.36:001712Biggest turkey
RoadJake N.44:00

RoadJess N.44:45

fixed/SSMatt C.47:00
16Skipped a checkpoint, but damn big turkey
fixed/SSScott S.50:00

MTBAlissa S.50:01

MTBTony F.50:02

Roaddidntgetyourname #1

Roaddidntgetyourname #2

Saturday, November 17, 2007

last-minute hoo-ha

Planning is done, the manifest/map is done. See you tomorrow. Here's the map you're getting - don't worry about printing it though, we'll have copies on hand at the start. It might be raining right now, but should be dry tomorrow.

Friday, November 16, 2007

the prizes...

Another addition to the prize pool today from Wheels In Motion, and it's looking like a pretty good bunch of stuff that people can win. Special Thanks to the businesses supporting Cranksgiving this year:

Ann Arbor Cyclery
People's Food Co-op
Two Wheel Tango
Wheels in Motion
Whole Foods Market

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cranksgiving FAQ

What's Cranksgiving?
A charity race in the form of an Alleycat where the checkpoints are grocery stores. Racers are given a map to the stores and a list of items to choose from to buy. You get a map at the start line. After the ReadySetGO! Ride fastfastfast to the stores, buy the items, keep the receipts, race to the finish line.

When/where is it?
Sunday, Nov 18th. 3pm. Bandemer Park. Check out the flyer.

How long is it?
Depends on your navigational skills. About 15-20 miles, depending on your route. The fastest riders will finish it in about 60 minutes, but there'll be enough time to finish while there's still daylight even if it takes twice as long.

Wait... I need to bring/spend money?
Yes, it's a charity event. *Giving*... important enough to be part of the title. There's 6 checkpoints or so, and the items on the list are $1-3 each. Racers have the option to choose what they want to give, but have to visit each store. Plan to bring at least $10-15, and if it's in singles it'll probably get you through the checkout lane quicker (it's sort of a race, ya know?).

Who's getting the the food?
Food Gatherers. They'll be picking up the food at the finish line and it'll go into their warehouse/distribution - community kitchen, needy families, etc.

What if it's really cold that day?
Bundle up. Might be chilly-ish, but forecast is for slightly sunny/cloudy, but no rain. Regardless, Cranksgiving is going to happen, rain, shine, snow, swarm of locusts... and if you ride hard, you'll be self-warming anyway, right?

Are there prizes?
Yup. Lots of giveaways in different categories, but also working on something extra-cool for the Cranksgiving Alleycat over-acheivers. Remember, the name of the game here is food-raising, on a bike, and extra-quick - so more food faster means better shinier prize.

I'm not a bike racer - why should I even show up?
It's not about the fastest person. The point is the food drive. Sure, there'll be prizes for "fastest ___", but there's prizes in other categories too. There'll be a time bonus for extra food brought, so even if you're not the first across the finish line, you could still beat out the fast riders on points alone. Besides, while there will be plenty of fast boys and girls on skinny-tire mean machines, there's some "navigational opportunities" for those with robust wheels to take shortcuts over chunky "roads" that will cut a couple miles off the route.

What kind of bike is appropriate for this?
All of 'em. Everyone and everybike welcome. If it matters to you, the route is on streets/paths/sidewalks and not grass (unless you really want to), so keep that in mind.

What if I'm coming from out of town?
Well... you rock. We're glad you're coming out and will be glad to see you. Since we're thinking of you, the course has a start/finish at the same park, so if you're coming a long distance, you won't have to search for your car afterwards. And there might just be a prize for "first out-of-towner across the finish line" too.

Speaking of afterwards... so what happens at the finish line? Well, we wouldn't leave you hanging, that wouldn't be very nice. You get to the finish with your goods, drop them off, potentially win a prize, hang out, socialize, story-swap "I caught a turkey this big", hang around a fire to warm the outsides, have a warm beverage to warm the insides...

Dude - don't you know it's 'cross season? Is this going to be a UCI/USAC sanctioned race?
Uhh........ no. Heck no. But yes, we're aware that there's a cyclocross race on the 18th. You 'crossers should come anyway afterwards to show how fast you are when there's no grass or mud involved. Besides, all the races at Munson Park on Sunday will be over by 1:00 (ok, maybe not the podium photo-op after the Men's 1/2 race, but whatever). We'll set up some barriers and a run-up or two for the cyclocross devotees if they simply can't live without them - let us know if that's the case. Everyone else can ride the regular course though.

more prizes to tease with...

The prize pool is getting better, with donations from the folks at Whole Foods (thanks Susan) and at Ann Arbor Cyclery (tip o' the helmet to Jon and Jimmy), so we'll have plenty of categories for prizes, and some to raffle off regardless of how quickly you get to the finish line or how much food you carry.

Monday, November 12, 2007


The prize list isn't complete (oh no, not by a long shot) but I thought I'd throw out as a teaser that we've got swag and prizes generously donated from Kevin at People's Food Coop and Dennis over at Two Wheel Tango so far, and some "we'll be happy to chip in something" committments from other folks - I just need to get emails to them making a formal request.

Still trying to figure out what the mega-prize will be, and which category it'll be for (largest frozen turkey bought, most weight of food bought, ???) but rest assured, while it won't be a 2008 Carbon Record Campagnolo Road Gruppo, it'll still be something nice.

In the meantime, the weather forecast from 6 days out looks like it'll be dry and cool, so be sure to bring gloves (but you can probably leave the fenders at home).

flyer details

We've got a flyer now, as you can see, so if you're in a posting mood, feel free to snag it and repost it (online or otherwise). I'm probably not giving away too much by saying that the finish line will be in the same park as the starting line...

Bandemer Park is on Main St. near M14. South of the Lotus building, north of the ArtTrain rail platform, turn off Main St. and cross the tracks towards the river. Unfortunately, there's only a tiny little brown sign marking the Main St. entrance, but it's there.

View Larger Map

Friday, November 9, 2007

Cranksgiving Happenings

Howdy all... If you're here, you've probably heard - Cranksgiving Ann Arbor is happening. An alleycat race to benefit Food Gatherers will be happening the afternoon of Sunday, Nov 18.

It's coming together quickly, and it's only a week and a little bit away, but more details will be posted reallyreally soon. (I promise) The general details:

  • Cranksgiving-style alleycat charity/benefit race.
  • 5-10 checkpoints at grocery stores where you buy a food item ($1-3), keep the receipt, and carry it/them with you on the bike.
  • Prizes (not just for the one fastest person... categories, bonuses, all sorts of stuff so it's fun and rewarding for everyone)
  • At the finish line, drop food at the Food Gatherers van (Thanks John and Missy!), have a bonfire, hang out... let the hijinks, race stories, and trash-talkin' commence.
  • Length: 60-90 minutes of riding, depending on how fast you ride. ;) Within Ann Arbor, but the route will include stores all over the city.
all for now... more details soon.