Monday, December 1, 2008

times and lbs.

Sorry for the delay, folks - I could complain about the frustrating treatment of tables by Blogger, but who really cares about that?'s the numbers.

Rex won the Grand Prize for his performance in the "fastest with the heaviest load overall"... other people came in faster, or brought in heavier loads, but the way the points came out (with the 40 lb minimum), he was the big winner.

On the Short Course, the heaviest loads 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th went to Jonathan (55lbs in a trailer), Heidi (49lbs in her panniers), Nick, and Matt.

On the Long Course, Jimmy smoked the course with a 70 minute time, but though Scrawny Petecame in 5 minutes later, he was carrying 27 lbs more and beat Jimmy in the points competition. Spencer picked up 2nd in the points competition, and Gary brought in a record 72 pound haul in a trailer to win the overall weight prize.

Again, huge thanks to everyone who came and rode, and to all the sponsors that contributed to the prize pool.

Damn... bikes are fun.

Short Course

NameTownMinutesLbsAdjusted time
Heidi T.AA894940.0
Rex R.AA714426.9
Nick T.AA754332.0
Matt CAA754233.0
Allen B.AA973859.3
Natalie H.Ypsi712842.9
Tom L.Ypsi712744.2
Pete H.AA662045.5
Lisa N.AA961878.4
Jordan B.AA971879.3
Li'l JoeAA521337.3
Pete C.AA851273.1
Ren F.AA961185.4
Larry OBelleville60950.5
Forrest K.Ypsi60950.5
BenCWhitmore Lake83875.3
Wendy C.AA85877.1
MelissaYpsi100 100.0
Andy CYpsi71
Dave MAA

Long Course

NameTownMinutesLbsAdjusted time
Scrawny PeteAA753143.5
Gary H.AA1307258.0
Jimmy RAA70465.8
Todd H.AA70465.9
Paul N.AA922566.7
Trey A.Ypsi821566.8
Georgina H.Ypsi992079.0
Luke S.Ypsi1072483.4
Rob D.ypsi1162888.0
Jackie YAA1061392.5
Anthony C.AA13620116.0
Kristina J.AA15028122.0
Andy ERedford

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